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Country of origin: Belgium, France
Breed group: Companion and Toy Dogs - Group 9 (FCI); Toy Group (AKC, KC)


Size: very small
Coat: long, silky, no undercoat
Colour: white with any colour
Life expectancy: 13-16 years


Outgoing, active and smart coming in two varieties - the Papillon has (butterfly-like) erect ears while the Phalène (French for moth) has dropped ears.

Escaped the guillotine

It's said that Marie-Antoinette had her Continental Toy Spaniel named Coco under her long dress when she was beheaded in 1793.
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A puppy moves in

The Finnish Lapphund Breed Archive has been a fantastic resource for breeders worldwide. This database has become an essential part of Lappie breeding in Australia.
Meagan Thomas - breeder, Australia
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